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More about me:

I am the second oldest of
seven children, and the oldest of four daughters....

As early as I can remember, I was a daydreamer and lover of music. I would put on my headsets and let the music take me there. To me the dreams were real life with detailed emotion, dialog, inventions, fashion designs, singing, drama – they were life. In the scarce moments that I was not in dreamland, I was creating something using paint, papier mache, chalks or watercolors.


And since I learned knitting, crocheting and sewing from my mother, scraps of fabric and yarn became outfits for my dolls and my younger sister.  My cherished indoor life was occasionally interrupted with club house building, tackle football, softball, double dutch, and bike rides. But by Junior High, I traded those outdoor activities for reading and creative writing, which remain my passion and purpose.

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"I felt the insurmountable pressure of being the oldest and needing to set an example for my five younger siblings."

Succumbing to this pressure, I fast tracked through high school to attend university as a biology & pre-med studies major.  After a couple of years into the program, I took an extended break during which I raised my son and welcomed two grandchildren.  Although the break lasted 26 years, I resumed my studies and attained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Health Services Management.

By Fall 2019, I longed to return to the days of the “peace that surpasses all understanding”, life and love.  The days where I was able to serve in my forever home church, Cathedral International Church and in ministry in my community. The excruciatingly long workdays, sleepless nights, and distance – my relocations out of state – all became unbearable.   At first, I feared that I was running back because it was familiar.  I delayed making a change until after I sought ‘wise’ counsel, rested in Him, prayed, fast and cried many of nights.  Eventually, in obedience to the voice of the Lord and in trusting His heart towards me, I said goodbye to 30 years in Healthcare Administration and moved back to Georgia.

I clearly heard the Lord say for me to use my voice, write the books, preach and teach His Word, and love my neighbor.

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