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Hi there!

I pray that your stopping by this page will be at minimum a two-fold blessing. My intent is that you will be blessed by what I share; and that you will in turn bless me by sharing your thoughts and/ or experiences in the comments and discussion forums.

Michele Goodlow


Here's my testimony...

As expected, my life’s journey has been filled with ups, downs and hilarious ‘in-betweens’. You know, those assignments or situations in which you feel like the butt of a joke; but the experience turns out to be a profound lesson in humility, love or the like.

Case in point, the Lord has recently given me the assignment to write a couple of books. See…jokes! In between fits of laughter, I am reminded that the accuser was overcome by “the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony:" (Rev 12:11)

Basically, I decided to create this blog to share the lessons learned and truths revealed as I journey with the Lord from captivity, through the wilderness, to the promise He has for me.

This is my testimony of His goodness, faithfulness and abounding love; victories over the obstacles and darts hurled in my direction designed to hinder completion of my assignment; and surreptitiously, this is writing practice for the books to come. - MG


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